Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Roofmaker Aluminium Lanterns
Roofmaker is arguably one of the most aesthetically pleasing rooflights on the market with minimalist design & market leading thermal properties.

Many styles are available including pitched lanters, pyramid lanters, flat rooflights and electric opening roof lights.

Roofmaker Roofmaker

  • Contemporary Design with Slimline aluminium glazing covers to maximise natural light
  • 20 year unit seal warranty seal on all Rooflights, Flat Roof Skylights & Roof Lanterns
  • 30 year life expectancy on Reflex hermetically sealed safety glass units
  • Self cleaning glass as standard in a choice of colours
  • Super energy efficient glass units
  • Triple glazing as standard on flat rooflights with an unbeatable U-Value of 0.6 w/m2k
  • Value for money – The best looking rooflights at an affordable price

All pitched lanterns are made at a 40 degree pitch only for optimum self clean glass performance.

Roofmaker brochure photo Roofmaker brochure photo

Quantal Aluminium Lanterns
The Quantal aluminium lantern is perfect for new build or refurbishment. Available in a range of RAL colours ensuring the rooflight atrium blends into the surrounding roofscape.

Quantal Aluminium Lantern, Henley in Arden Quantal Roof Atrium, brochure photo. Aluminium Lantern Roof near Bidford on Avon

A rooflight atrium allows for higher proportions of ceiling when compared to traditional orangeries - and the Quantal rooflight atrium (available from ‘stock’ in white - plus a range of other RAL colours) can be fitted ‘in series’ across a large flat roof.

Atrium roofs feature a low height eaves beam which is fastened to a timber kerb or low height lantern frames. This improves thermal performance by reducing the potential of cold bridging.

Aluminium Lantern Roof, Orangery project in Broadway Aluminium Orangery Lantern Roof with Pilkington Activ Clear glass Quantal Lanterns

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