Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows are open-in type windows whereby the opening vent of the window can tilt or turn inwards as seen all over Europe.

Tilt & turn windows are more suitable in some cases such as properties next to a street or footpath or office blocks or balconies. Tilt & turn windows by design also allow easy access for cleaning of the outer pane of glass.

  • BFRC A rated Windows
  • 70mm five chamber profile
  • Fully reinforced frames & sashes
  • Internally Glazed
  • Color fast (will not discolor)
  • Low line post extruded gasket seals
  • Ovolo beading
  • 44 different foiled colors &woodgrains
  • High security multipoint locks
  • Key locking handles in Brass, Chrome, Silver or White.
  • Greenline lead free uPvc
  • 28mm Planitherm Total Glass Sealed Units
  • Argon Filled Glass Units
  • Swiss V warm edge spacerbars

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